The Classic Car Fund was created in response to clients‘ requests for tangible assets in this unsteady economy. 
The Investment Manager will provide discretionary investment management services, in accordance with the investment objectives, policy and limits of the Fund. It shall act under the supervision of the fund Advisors.

The Investment Manager will be assisted by the investment advisory, consultant board and externally recognised experts in the field of Classic Cars.

The cars purchased by the fund will be transported and stored by professional, fully insured and classic car specific storage companies. 


Key information:


At the moment there are fourteen cars in the fund, more details are being published and will continue to be published in our newsletter. 

In June 2014 we sold a Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 1970 after 3 months with a net gain of 19%, see please newsletter 2014.06 under press.

In December 2014 we sold a MG K3 1933 after 19 months with a net gain of 25.32%, see please newsletter 08.2013 and 10.2013 under press.

In March 2015 we sold a Lancia Aurelia B24S Convertible 1957 after 11 months with a net gain of 20%, see newsletter 2015.05 under press.

In December 2015 we sold a Fiat Touring Aerodinamica 1939 after 7 months with a net gain of 8.3%, see newsletter 2015.12 under press.

In September 2016 we sold a Ferrari 308 GTS 1978 after 15 months with a net gain of 23%, see newsletter 2016.09 under press.

In Dezember 2016 we sold a Ferrari 550 Maranello 1997 after 3 months with a net gain of 10.5%, see newsletter 2017.01 under press.

In September 2017 we sold a Lancia Belna 1936 after 58 months with a net gain of 25.33%, (yearly net gain of 5.52%)  see newsletter 2017.09 under press.



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€100 (13th September 2012)



Valuation day, 16:00 (CET)

Class P Euro 10.000  (here you can find more information)


Class I  Euro 200.000 (here you can find more information)


New facility allowing deposit of fund acceptable automobiles into fund (contact fund office)

Subscriptions can also be made direct to Fortuna saving transaction and deposit fees

The valuation of the cars is made from independent expert.

Fortuna Adminstration Limited
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*past performance does not guarantee future results