Investment grade classic cars, are cars that in some cases originated from a time of pre-mass market economic conditions, manufacturing artisanry, bespoke completion, gentlemen racers and true luxury in combination - creating a market-place of extravagant demand, race-track performance and manufacturing eccentricity. These cars whether pre or post war – were the cars of the elite. 

In other cases, mass produced dream cars, the stuff of legends -  Detroit muscle cars, have become categorisable as investment grade classics. This is simply because demographics have put them there thanks to the power of baby boomers.  These mass produced classics have become so due to the follow on of the democratization of the automobile.

Comparing both the Dox (Deutscher Oldtimer Index = German Classic Car Index) and Dax (German Stock Index), the classic car market in not only highly interesting to an investor, it can be seen as more crisis proof. (source: Verband der Automobilindustrie VDA)

Other important indices below, once again demonstrating that classic cars have performed better than a range of other assets for more then 10 years. Classic cars are not correlated to the financial markets and have a low volatility.


We will not distinguish between different tastes of classics; we will strive to invest in the best possible example of the specific model that we have identified to fit our investment strategy.  If it’s the GTO that we feel will ‘outperform’ it’s muscle car peer group, we will track down the best example GTO for the money available within our price parameters. 

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