The Fund will, under normal circumstances, invest an average of about 70% of the Fund’s assets in Classic Cars, the weighting may be changed in the reasonable opinion of the Investment Manager.

In addition, some of the Classic Cars held in the portfolio of the Fund may be lent to museums, film studios, private exhibitions, etc. The income generated by such Lending Activities will only ever favour the Fund.

A particular focus will be laid on equities of the automotive industry and closely related industries including precious metals.  

In addition, the Investment Manager may invest on an ancillary basis, in various assets, including derivatives and futures, which may be designed to minimize risk or for hedging purposes. The Fund may also have residual cash balances invested in deposits, money market instruments and shares or units in money market funds.

A Selection of INVESTMENT CASES we have looked at:


A car typically depreciates in value during the first fifteen years from its production date and may, under certain circumstances, increase in value thereafter. Accordingly, a classic car can generally be defined as:

A car which is at least 15 years old and is of particular rarity, desirability and original value/provenence (“Classic Car”).


The Investment Manager permanently screens realised sales prices for Classic Cars which periodically get reported by independent providers in order to assess overall market conditions for classic cars and recognise the formation of certain market trends.

The Investment Manager believes the rarity, the desirability and the original value/provenance to be the key drivers for future value appreciation of a Classic Car. 

Prior to acquiring a particular car, the Investment Managers conducts a thorough due diligence of that car, analysing inter alia factors such as its ownership history, optional equipment, engine details, replacements of original equipment, etc.

Those cars which are to remain in storage will be assigned posts in monitored secure storage facilities, where cars will be maintained and exercised periodically by classic car experts.

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The funds cars receive a yearly valuation from an independent expert.

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Last but not least a car always has a 'value' and cannot be compared to theoretical values such as those held by Lehmans brothers or Swiss Air.

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